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A Weekly TV Program On African Arts, Culture & Music

African Treasures, Inc. (ATI) is a non-profit organization created and incorporated in November 18, 1991, in the city of Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia with charter number 912061 DN. In March 1992 it gained IRS approval as a non-profit organization under Section 501 (c)(3). ATI is dedicated to broadcasting a weekly TV program on African arts, culture, music and dialogue on vital issues aimed at promoting understanding, and harmony between black immigrants and Americans - celebrating Mother Africa.

Theresa Patterson, ESQ
Dr. Mike Okeke, ‘Ifekanku’
Host/Executive Producer
Mutinta Mazoka Cliatt


  • To expose the hidden treasures of Africa to Americans here in Metro Atlanta.
  • To promote African creative arts, culture and music.
  • To improve relations and understanding between Americans and black immigrants.
  • To facilitate the assimilation and integration of black immigrants into the American community.
  • To inform and enlighten Americans on modern day Africa in an entertainment format.
  • To provide a weekly forum for dialogue between Americans and black immigrants.
  • To bring Africa to the homes of Americans who have never traveled to Africa / the Caribbean.
  • To give black immigrants a VOICE on a consistent basis here in Atlanta.
  • To give African Americans reason to be proud of their heritage and ancestry.
  • To break down stereotypes and prejudice between ethnic groups here in Atlanta.
  • To give platform to visiting traditional & political leaders from Africa, the Caribbean & South America (we welcome them as guests and give them chance to speak on our TV Show).
  • To establish youth exchange programs for African Americans, Caribbeans, & Africans.